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Free Past Performances for Horseplayers

Handicapping 101

Horse race handicapping with free past performances epitomizes the phrase “read between the lines” because it involves the literal analysis of what are known as the “running lines” of a horses’ previous races. There are usually somewhere around 10 running lines per horse in a race.

Each horse and their running lines comprise the past performances for a race. The running lines are viewed individually and collectively to form an opinion or predict the outcome of the race. It’s not easy. But if you follow a handful of tracks, trainers, and sires you’ll begin to notice patterns and predict winners quickly, and with surprising accuracy.

Handicappers take great pride and great care in making their selections. Their prediction, or “pick”, becomes grounds for debate before and after a race. And, making the “angles” of a race the foundation for picking winners.

Winning Horse Racing Angles

If you like to pick winners and don’t mind sharing your angles with other horse racing fans, you can sign up to include your professional handicapping selections on leave a comment in one of our articles and let us know you’re interested.